Colin Cowherd wasn’t impressed with Kyrie Irving’s return to Nets: ‘He’s an instagram basketball star’ | THE HERD

Kyrie Irving has returned to play for the Brooklyn Nets after sitting out for 7 games, and even with scoring over 30 points, suffered a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Colin Cowherd was unimpressed with Kyrie's performance in this loss, and makes a case for the Nets, who were successful with the James Harden / Kevin Durant duo, to trade Kyrie for role players.

Colin Cowherd: Aaron Rodgers’ future is not a mystery, I think he gets to several Super Bowls | THE HERD

Aaron Rodgers gave an interview where he implied his future with the Green Bay Packers was a 'beautiful mystery', but Colin Cowherd doesn't agree. He believes Rodgers' future is pretty clear, and that it looks bright. Hear why he thinks the veteran quarterback will not only defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and make it to this Super Bowl, but several Super Bowls at that.

Colin Cowherd: ‘Is anyone asking Deshaun Watson if he wants to go to Jets?’ | THE HERD

Colin Cowherd can make an argument for why the New York Jets should want to bring on Deshaun Watson, who is reportedly unhappy with the Houston Texans.... but Colin wants to know, has anyone asked DeShaun Watson if he wants to play for the Jets? Colin lays out why he thinks New York may be a less than desirable option for the star quarterback.

Colin Cowherd: It’s time for Colts to trade up in draft and find their franchise quarterback | UNDISPUTED

Colin Cowherd discusses why it's time for the Indianapolis Colts to go big in this year's draft to find their franchise quarterback after Philip Rivers' decision to retire. Hear why Colin believes the Colts should potentially trade up for the Miami Dolphins #3 overall pick after their announcement to stick with Tua Tagovailoa.